TTM programmers are up-to-date with the latest technologies, development cycles and programming skills that allow innovative and efficient custom creation of applications to automate manual processes and decrease costs. Our coordinated process of analysis, design, development, testing and implementation within an agile lifecycle, keeps our clients informed throughout the entire development cycles minimizing any surprises along the way. TTM’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach uses progressive prototyping to fine tune requirements and gain user acceptance.

TTM custom programming expertise is in creating Tracking and Reporting systems to support organizational training compliance. The system database allows for searching selected criteria and creating and running reports. Administrators can export the data to manipulate any report needed.

Most organizations need precise information about their users’ completion of mandatory training. TTM tracking and reporting systems provide just what organizations need and not more that they don’t need or will ever use. This reduces costs for Tracking and Reporting within organizations.